Psi and Dif locks comparo.

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Facinated by this:
I (many years ago) met a wholesaler in MASS who loved to lock down his
differentials.  He said it was best for the track.  But in walking around his
bone yard I saw at least three Q trannys on the ground he mentioned as
"junk."  He also mentioned they failed HIM.

Now with both (olderstyle 85/87 vintage 4K) (200's unlock the second at 15MPH
I understand) difs locked the 4000Q car crab walks in parking spots.
Wouldn't the two diffs upset turn in and shorten the life of the tranny?

Not doubting your expertise, your reputation preceeds you here as a guru, but
in reading your story, is it more likey the 15 to 22 psi which frustrated the
BMW than  the second Dif lock?

If I lock both difs won't I be replacing trannies often for street or track
Just curious -Scott in BOSTON

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> from 22peak to 15peak).  During my first session I locked the center diff
> only.  BMW slowly took me in 20laps.  In deference to adding the 22psi back,
> I decided to lock center AND rear diff.  Bingo = 1 very frustrated BMW
> 20laps
> worth.

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