Crankcase breather hose

DAK dak at
Sat Oct 5 03:17:08 EDT 2002

The old flame arrestor shouldn't be bad. I just cleaned mine with some
brake cleaner and stuffed it in the new hose. I wouldn't mess with
partial replacement, the rest will rot after time anyway.
When replacing the hose, another lister recommended something that I'll
re-iterate. In the middle connection of the hose, there is a one-way
valve. You really need to disconnect that and remove it with the hose
and re-install it in the new hose. It is next to impossible to shove
that in the new hose when it is already connected to the hose above it.
I'd recommend installing it in the new hose when the new hose is already
snaked through and in posiiton. The hose is hard to get in position as
it is, so I imagine with that valve in there, it will be harder. That is
the only gotcha.


BriceW at wrote:

> I will be getting a new crankcase breather hose in a week.
> This part has been on backorder.
> Should I get a new flame arrestor or just use the old one?
> Also, are there any parts I should replace while I am doing the job or
> any things to look for that might need replaced?
> I considered doing a splice repair with some RTV silicone sealant and a
> few standard size hoses as the only bad rotted part is where the hose
> goes onto the crankcase and there does not seem to be any pressure on
> this hose. Has anyone done this?
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