Boost problems

Claus Vegener vegener at
Sat Oct 5 18:26:41 EDT 2002

Once I decided to change the WG membrane - just in case -
and removed it without big problems, but I happens to rotate
the piston slightly - and after that it was not tight.
No boost at all
Rotate right, left, whole way round etc - no change.
Put a electrical powertool on it - no change -
Put in an old spare WG complete from my old engine.
And no problem -
2 x 3b
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Subject: Boost problems

> I'm only getting 1.7 bar indicated on the dash gauge. I have checked
> for leaks, replaced bypass valve and WGFV, I even tried blocking the
> hose to the wastegate, but then I only got 1.6.. I tried using
> regulated, pressurized air on the small line to the ECU, I adjusted it
> to about 2 bar absolute pressure, the dash gauge shows 1.9 max. With
> the standard pressure transducer should this be correct, right?
> But I still wonder why it doesn't give full boost, even with the lower
> wastegate hose blocked off.. When I did this on my old 200q10v, it hit
> the overboost cutoff very quick..
> I removed the top cap on the wastegate, everything looked normal in
> there..
> I tried pulling codes, nothing.. (4444)
> Any good tips? I'm really puzzled..
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> E. Spangen
> '90 Audi 200TQ20v
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