Boost problems

Sat Oct 5 15:40:03 EDT 2002

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Air leak.  To ck the diaphram put vacuum on the top port of the WG and it
should hold steady.

Ck all hoses again.  Also could be a bad turbo (nicks, radial play).  If you
block off the lower WG hose, you should get overboost shutdown (and a MAF
code in the process), since you are taking the computer out of the equation.
If you aren't, either the turbo isn't building enough boost to cause the
problem, or you have an air leak.


Scott Justusson
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A torn diaphram?
Would give max boost preventing opening at all
because the MF pressure don't lift the WGpiston.
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> > I'm only getting 1.7 bar indicated on the dash gauge. I have checked
> > for leaks, replaced bypass valve and WGFV, I even tried blocking the
> > hose to the wastegate, but then I only got 1.6.. I tried using
> > regulated, pressurized air on the small line to the ECU, I adjusted it
> > to about 2 bar absolute pressure, the dash gauge shows 1.9 max. With
> > the standard pressure transducer should this be correct, right?
> >
> > But I still wonder why it doesn't give full boost, even with the lower
> > wastegate hose blocked off.. When I did this on my old 200q10v, it hit
> > the overboost cutoff very quick..
> >
> > I removed the top cap on the wastegate, everything looked normal in
> > there..
> >
> > I tried pulling codes, nothing.. (4444)
> >
> > Any good tips? I'm really puzzled

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