Warranty work done...

Craig Angus crangus at rof.net
Sat Oct 5 21:30:23 EDT 2002


Just got the car back from the local dealer with a few tidbits to report on
the warranty repairs. The speaker amps were done in around 1 hour and the
dealer was willing to complete the air bag sensor module replacement if I
left the car.  The rear speakers appear to be a little "cleaner" sounding
to me (testing with the fader all the way to the rear, pre/post replacement),
at least through mid volume.  The air bag light now goes off in about 6
seconds where it used to take up to 10.  The service manager said that the
retail replacement cost was "well over $1,000" so for once my wallet isn't
lighter driving off from the dealer...

I guess the Central Rocky Mountain region is the largest sales volume area in
North America.  The sales director reported that local (Glenwood
Springs/Aspen) Audi sales have increased 800% over the past ten years, many
of those sales being quattros. Judging by how long it takes to get an
appointment, I believe

Hope all your warranty work goes this well,

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