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Sun Oct 6 09:10:23 EDT 2002

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From: Eyvind Spangen <eyvind.spangen at>
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Subject: Rear stabilizer
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 23:51:18 +0200

I have a rear stabilizer from a '93 V8 here, and I'm thinking about
installing it in my 200q20v. Do you think it will make a difference?

E. Spangen
'90 Audi 200TQ20v


Eyvind -

Yes, it will make a difference, if it fits.
Can you tell me what the diameter of the V8 rear bar is?

The rear bar, which came standard only on the UrS4/6 wagons (Avants) and
with the model year 1992 UrS4 sedans, is a rather puny 17mm.  I've no idea
if RSB's were ever fitted by the factory to type (??) 55 chassis or what
ever the 200q20v bodies are.

I believe most sensitive drivers would notice a slight change with that, the
stock bar installed.  A recent "hapersized" (TM for Hap Mcguire (c) 1999)
23mm+ rsb ordered up by the mad Hawaiian, i.e. the bar may even be 27mm, I
forget the exact diameter of the rod used, makes a dramatic difference when
installed in the UrS4/6 chassis.  OTOH, there are those on the S-Car list
who have opined the change would not be one for the better.  I can say on a
personal basis, that at least for day to day driving (can't address pundits
track theories), additon of the rsb reduced oversteer SUBSTANTIALLY and
makes for a quicker feeling of "turn in."  The beefier rear bar is a
definite plus --- in my book.  I can't comment on the accuracy of the
"lifting your inside rear wheel like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant...."
track claims.

Mike P.
over 150,000 miles sans rsb;
several 1,000s of miles with a 17mm rsb;
very, very happy with the new, beefier 23mm+ or 26mm or what ever it is new
rear bar (so long as the, knock on wood, rsb adapter mounts hold up)
.... but on the UrS4 chassis

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