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Mon Oct 7 01:45:20 EDT 2002

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Now that you mentioned it, I too found driving in snow with the diffs, locked
200 button pressed down or 4000Q locked down the car would exhibit some
uneasyness while negotating varing depths of snow or mild tire ruts in the
snow/plow ridge of snow built up.
I liken this to placing much wider tires on the same vehicle (in dry
conditions) to where the handling was more "darty" in following the road
irregulaties and cracks in the pavement.

Backing off the diff locked ( a setting or completely unlocked F &R )
generally helped the car to plow ahead without the sometimes muscle tensing
drift from the car swaying back and forth as a wheel on one side would
encounter resistance as the others didn't.

For straight up a snow covered hill, locking the diffs couldn't be beat, but
some tighter turns were made "interesting" because of the increased
-Scott in BOSTON

>  I also found the thing to be unpredictable in
> the shallow Oregon snow with the diffs locked.

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