Slow electrical drain

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Mon Oct 7 11:19:40 EDT 2002

You could start by just making sure all your door pins, switches, work properly.
Sometimes they dont know if you opened you door or not leaving the power on to the switches.


In a message dated Mon, 7 Oct 2002 8:59:04 AM Eastern Standard Time, dmohlemacher writes:

> If I leave my 91 200Q for more than 2 days without running it - the battery gets too weak to start the car.  I have checked the obvious (radio on, alternator not charging etc.) but haven't found anything.
> A month ago I did notice that the interior lights would not always shut off and replaced that relay, that seemed to help, but not cure the problem.  I have also noticed that the power to the windows seems to be 'on' all the time - is that just a relay as well?   Cost? The other thing I've noticed is that the alarm (stock) doesn't always come on (sound horn) when I lock the doors - don't know if they are related or not . .
> .
> Any ideas of where to look or how to track it down?
> Thanks
> Dave

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