Slow electrical drain

Adam Gratz adamgratz at
Tue Oct 8 00:00:47 EDT 2002


Check to see if you have any aftermarket amplifiers that might be staying
on. There is a small trigger wire - usually orange - sent from the head
unit. Pull the trigger wire from the amp with the amp on. If the amp still
stays on, the amps internal relay is likely bad.

I once had a tape deck that went bad, and even with the ignition off, the
motor ran 24/7.

Another thing I have seen: Electric seat switches that come alive in the
middle of the night and drain the battery.

Disconnect the battery (+)lead and put an amp meter or test light between it
and the battery (+), and start pulling and replacing fuses with the ignition
switched off. There should be no test light or less than a .5 amp draw (the
alarm will draw some).

I speak from years of car stereo and alarm installation exp. And yes, alarms
are suspect as well, although less likely.


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