Locked up

Adam Gratz adamgratz at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 8 02:04:19 EDT 2002


An SPST switch? What is this? You guys sure like abbreviations. Sometimes I
feel like I'm reading the classifieds.

I glean from the discussions, that the best way to experiment would be to
modify the system to allow rear only locking and unlocking on demand? Anyone
done this with either a 20v or a 5000? I miss the limited slip feel of my
old bmw tii, pushing me out of turns.

Thanks for all the feedback. I'm going to push that button on my way home
tonight......Look out all you Detroit Muscle cars. Station wagons rule!


Specific to this list:  Put a SPST switch on the blue white wire and
with the rear lock.  A torsen car should handle better with the rear
locked in a track venue since braking traction rear is more difficult
rear diff locked.



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