Why Audi?

Doyt W. Echelberger Doyt at NWOnline.Net
Tue Oct 8 10:44:17 EDT 2002

You got that right, Ben!  I think it's the driving that does it for us.
Positive reinforcement. Every time we drive our cars we experience this
rewarding responsiveness, etc, and like Pavlov's dogs we get
conditioned.   Driving a car that is only reliable doesn't give us any
immediate feedback or tactile reward. It just doesn't pinch the pocketbook
very often.  And we don't drive other German cars, so we don't get that
positive tactile reinforcement cycle going in the first place. If you had a
BMW Z3 or M car in the garage and drove it every day for a week you might
get conditioned to that also.

I think I'd rather risk getting conditioned to a TT Coupe with the big
engine, or maybe an S6, or even a V8,  if I have to be conditioned to
something other than my 87 5ktq (which has owned me for 257k miles.) And a
1991 200 Q is another viable candidate, as you well know.

Relax and enjoy it. It is probably better for you than gambling or
half-a-dozen other addictions I can think of.

Doyt Echelberger

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>As I sit here and gather prices for the repairs my car needs; I think to
>myself, With all the little problems we have to fix all the time on our
>cars, problems we would not have with some other brands, why do Audi
>people so passionatly stick to this marque and rarely stray? We deal with
>questionable engineering in some areas and just plain over engineering in
>others. Jappo junk has little to no problems with wiring, engine controls
>etc yet I personally will never own another japanese car, ever. American
>cars are, well lifeless and drab. Other German cars are more reliable yet
>I don't want one.
>   I sit at work thinking of the drive home, which road will I take today?
> Where can I avoid traffic and really push the car and myself to the
> limits? I also try to find reasons to drive into town any time I can,
> just to drive my Audi. Am I alone in this, or, as I believe, do most of
> you feel this way? We may never know, it may not have an answer. Maybe we
> are'nt supposed to know the answer. As for me, I plan to just keep on
> driving and enjoying the hell out of my Audi.
>Ben Gibby
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