[s-cars] RE: Intake Air Temp Code - Update/Resolution

Tom Mullane tmullane at snet.net
Tue Oct 8 11:15:27 EDT 2002

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I installed a new Intake Air Sensor yesterday.  My intermittent Check Engin=
e light has vanished, and my car has tons more power.  Oddly, the old senso=
r tested OK.

$117 from the dealer, plus a new plug for the end of the harness (unless yo=
u have one you can use).  Cut the old sensor off, solder on the new plug, a=
 standard VW/Audi clip type deal, and plug in the sensor.

On a side note, the multiple misfire code that my wife's A6 showed was due =
to 20w50 oil, when I should be running 5w30.  The heavier oil hype extends =
the lifters, and compression goes away.  It's all better now (_sometimes_  =
it's easy).


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Subject: Re: [s-cars] RE: Intake Air Temp Code
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Yes, the car is a 20V.  Yes, the sensor install is odd.  You'd think
they would put in in-line connector downstream if they were going to
weld the wires on...  At least the location is better than the 10V; talk
about sticking out like a sore thumb!

I am going to test and probably replace the sensor (regardless of
results due to the intermittent nature of the problem), as time allows,
and see if life gets better.  I'll post results.  It may be a while
before I get to it; unfortunately, I suddenly have other issues.  My
wife's A6 is intermittently throwing misfire codes.

Thanks for the input.

Tom Mullane
91 200Q
99 A6Q


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