RS2 intake manifold fitting on a 3B (7A)

auditude at auditude at
Tue Oct 8 17:05:39 EDT 2002

I just read here that that RS2 intake manifold doesn't bolt up to the 3B motor, due to the presence of the distributor.  This is the first time I've comes across this information.  I would like to build a 20vt with a 7A head/distributor and RS2 intake manifold, and this turns out to be an issue.

Can anyone tell me more information on this, such as what interferes on the distributor?  Is it the whole thing, or just the cap?  Would I be able to use the base and hall sensor portion of the distributor with the RS2, as long as I had direction ignition with individual coils?

Also, it says the AAN valve cover won't work with the RS2 intake either.  I was planning on using the 7A valve cover, but don't know if that will work.

Perhaps I will have to use a 3B intake in order to get this to work.

If anyone has any specifics on this, please let me know.

>  It's not quite that straighforward- you could argue that the
> RS2's engine was based on both the 3B and the AAN. The 3B was
> installed (with the same engine designation but significant
> modifications, which is unusual) in the early S2's built on
> the B3 chassis. The later S2's (92-up B3, all B4 chassis) got
> the ABY motor, which is essentially the 3B with the AAN's
> coil packs and overboost features added. The RS2's ADU is an
> evolution of the ABY motor, with different exhaust cam, water
> pump & timing belt, intake & exhaust manifolds, intercooler,
> and turbo. Since the RS2 is based on the ABY, the RS2's intake
> manifold won't bolt directly onto a 3B (the distributor
> interferes) or, for that matter, an AAN (without changing the
> valve cover).



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