Steering Vibration

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Tue Oct 8 15:31:16 EDT 2002

If damper OK, might possibly check the front strut bearings.  IME, they can
exhibit a difficult-to-diagnose intermittent clunking noise at their last
breath.  Mine didn't transmit a vibration you'd feel through the wheel

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Failing steering damper?

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>Still with a vibration felt through the wheel while driving. Not thought
>to be wheels or tires. (Balanced, rotated, etc.) Entire front end looked
>at closely including axles,bushings, tie rods, ball joints, okay. This
>vibration is always there no matter what position the steering wheel is
>in. Rough roads transmit a more evident vibration. Could this be in the
>steering box somewhere? Where to from here?
>BTW, engine, trans, diff mounts also checked and okay.
>235k miles
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