RS2 intake manifold fitting on a 3B (7A)

Brandon Hull Hull at
Tue Oct 8 17:40:30 EDT 2002

you can see photos of the two engines on the eS2 website at just click on "what's needed" and scroll down.   I bought an RS2 cover long ago to use on my 3B S2 conversion and gave up pretty quickly.  I don't remember every detail but the reply you got below is correct, it doesn't fit from several perspectives.  For what it is worth, I seriously doubt there is any performance advantage and infact if you extrude honed the 3B piece you'd likely do more for flow...

Brandon H

> I just read here that that RS2 intake manifold doesn't bolt
> up to the 3B motor, due to the presence of the distributor.
> This is the first time I've comes across this information.  I
> would like to build a 20vt with a 7A head/distributor and RS2

> >  It's not quite that straighforward- you could argue that the
> > RS2's engine was based on both the 3B and the AAN. The 3B was
> >

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