FW: OK System Check

Peter Sebestyen PeterS at reoinc.com
Wed Oct 9 17:01:17 EDT 2002


One more question - did you have to remove the steering wheel to get the
dash out?  Someone told me you had to but Chris's instructions didn't
mention it.



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	your post was just fine!
	I get both bogus error conditions and hieroglpyphics. Sometimes my
	display actually shows the radio station! I'm sure that touching up
	solder joints will fix all of it.


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This is my first attempt at posting to the list so please let me know if I
use poor etiquette.

'91 200 20V Wagon - OK system gives intermittent false oil and brake errors.
I know the brakes are good (just replaced UFO's/pads and tied sensors
closed) and watch the gages for oil pressure and temp.  It's bugging me!  I
read suggestions from Chris Miller's page of touching up the solder joints
on the main board however my symptoms are slightly different ( I don't get
the hieroglyphics) .  Is it the same solution?  Any words of wisdom prior to


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