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Thu Oct 10 20:44:21 EDT 2002

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  Since I started something on this list a while back, the problems started=
 and have just now slowed down. I blew out one of the Orings on the pump to=
 bomb hose, fixed that and the next week blew a pump seal. Fixed that and t=
he dash started acting up; you know, bouncing speedometer needle, no temp g=
uage, turn signal repeaters stay on all the time, Etc. Next was the O2 sens=
or and the surging that comes with that.
  Then on top of all that, the exhaust shop I was using got shut down on dr=
ug trafficing charges with all my tubing locked inside. All these are just =
pot holes in the road of Audi ownership and are being fixed as fast as part=
s can be shipped and do little to detract from the fun I still have driving=
 circles around Acuras, Trans Ams and Mustangs.

 P.S. Maybe the surging is really caused by the speedo needle bouncing.Ha H=

  Ben Gibby
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