Stuck rear calipers

Charles Baer charlie at
Fri Oct 11 11:19:21 EDT 2002

You didn't actually use the word rotate, so I'll mention it and
just ignore me if you already know this:

The pistons have to be rotated back into the caliper while pressing
them into the bores.  They can be hard to turn, if you don't have the
disc-face tool a strap wrench can be used but it's tedious.

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> Subject: Stuck rear calipers
> Searching the archives, I found little on this subject.  Did
> a Google search on the mother list as well.
> I'm replacing rear rotors/pads since they are down to
> minimum.  I'm changing fluid and fixing stuck e-brake
> cable/rusted shaft
> as well.   (Just got done with suspension bushings).
> Pistons will not retract at all, I don't have a special tool
> to fit into the piston grooves.  15" Channel Lock is doing nothing.
> Caliper rebuild time?   I can take the calipers off and stick
> in the vise if that will help.  Do I need to crack bleeder valve to
> relieve pressure, never had to do that so I suspect calipers
> are really frozen.   Need to pass inspection so I can get 20V
> back on the road and tuck the 28 year old daily-driver 911
> into garage for winter.
> If I have to rebuild calipers, do I need special tool to get
> them out?  Home-brew solution?
> Advice welcome.

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