Stuck rear calipers

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Fri Oct 11 14:02:05 EDT 2002

At 12:09 PM 10/11/2002 -0400, Brett Dikeman wrote:

>I was able to spin each pin and using metal sandpaper, 'sand' out the
>notch and then polish them to a mirror.  I used 300 grit paper inside
>the guide pin holes to take out any burrs, then relubed everything
>with Mobil 1 synthetic grease.  So far so good(6-9 months.)

What's the heat spec on Mobil 1 grease?  I ask because I just did brakes
for the first time on my wife's 4kq campmobile and found the pins and
carriers caked up with some dried white grease.  Audi supplies a pin grease
(G000650) that comes in a plastic tube like a big supply of
toothpaste.  The opening into the tube is just the right size to let you
slide the pin in and when you pull it out, it has a consistent thin coating
of the grease.  Probably a lifetime supply of the grease for the average DIY'er.

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