Stuck rear calipers

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At 10:06 AM 10/11/2002 -0700, davidb01 wrote:

>There's also Lisle Tool Corp; see
>* Specifically, "Rear Disc Brake Piston Tool (28300)" (cube-type); also the
>piston tools illustrated on the very bottom of this same page.  I purchased
>one of these, but don't recall which one.

I bought one of those cube tools.  Works great on brand new
systems.  Guarantee skinned knuckles when it slips on a caliper piston that
needs a touch of persuasion.  That's why I got the other one (at
significantly less price than Lisle sells it themselves).

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>I've used a large C-clamp to apply pressure to the piston while turning
>with water pump pliers (careful not to pinch the rubber boot with pliers
>teeth--guaranteed to cause tears and tears).  Opening the bleeder sometimes
>makes compressing with the C-clamp easier.  Usually, if you get it turning,
>you can just keep turning.  Can't say enough about how much easier moving
>the piston back in is

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