Stuck rear calipers

Jagernauth, Stephen, RTLSL sjagernauth at
Sat Oct 12 16:38:17 EDT 2002

>There's also Lisle Tool Corp; see
>Specifically, "Rear Disc Brake Piston Tool (28300)" (cube-type); also the piston tools illustrated on the very bottom of this same page.  I >purchased one of these, but don't recall which one.

(Yes, I realized the pistons turn in, my old '88 5kS had an Allen inset in the piston for same reason.)
Purchased generic "cube", did not fit.  Found the Lisle 28600 at Sears Hardware this am for $11.99 which has the correct pins to match
the piston grooves.  Also picked up some synthetic hi-temp brake lube for the pins and e-brake shaft.   After loosening the e-brake shaft last night, by following Peter Schutlz's advice to pry the shaft out about 10mm, found lots of crud but it freed up easily after cleaning.   Then found both e-brake cables were broken at the inner end.  Arrrrgh!     Minor project turns into major headache.  Cables are about $45 online.

Thanks for the input, guys.  The brake saga continues tonight......

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