front sway bar R&R - any tricks?

Dave C conner at
Sun Oct 13 00:28:50 EDT 2002

Yes, it makes sense, but it sounds too much like what I've been doing.  It
doesn't give me much hope of an easier way if even Phil Payne describes
using brute force.

I'm still hoping someone out there will chime in with an easier way.
Dave C.

At 03:05 PM 10/12/2002 -0300, george mills wrote:
>Hi Dave. When we did the 87 5kq the sway bar was dropped and my son sat
against a tree.
> He used leverage from his legs to push until I could get it in the
>control arm. I think Phil Payne
>tried a strap with a rachet type of tightening system (like a hold down
>strap used on trucks)
>wrapped around either end of the sway bar to bring the two ends together.
>I suppose you could
>also try a rope or cable that doesn't stretch much and that can take the
>strain, and use a lever to
>tighten it up by twisting it in the middle.
>Hope this makes some sense.
>Best regards,

On Oct 11, Dave C. wrote...
"Is there a trick to installing the front sway bar on the type 44?  I've
done it a few times but it always turns into a mighty struggle.  I assume
there's a better way ... but I haven't found the right combination of
things to adjust (weight on/off the wheels, etc) to get the ends inserted
into the control arms without a fight.

I'm finishing up a rebuild of the front end on my 87 5kq and will be
dealing with this soon."

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