Fuel system problem? (long)

Rob Winchell rbwinchell at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 13 18:03:06 EDT 2002

So, the other day on the way home from work the car
sort of just died. Luckily, on a back road and I just
pulled over. Would not start back up.

After a bit of investigation, I found the fuse for the
fuel pump had blown. New fuse, started right back up.
Did not really run very well though. Made me wonder
what would cause the fuel pump fuse to blow? Curious.

So today, about 3-4 days later, I drove the car all
day and parked it for about 2 hours. Came out and it
would not start again. This time, fuse was fine. Still
a fuel problem? I don't know, but I think maybe. It
cranked and cranked without starting, but I did not
get a fuel or exhaust smell during that period.

Soooo, any ideas? Did the fuel pump eat it? Blocked
fuel filter? Bad fuel pump relay? Perhaps not fuel
related at all?

There were 3 thrown codes: 2111, Engine Speed Sensor.
I've had this code for months if, not years. Never
seemed to really be a problem.

2121, Idle Switch. Should not prevent the car from
starting certainly.

2341, Oxygen sensor. Again, should not prevent the car
from starting.

Any ideas? Just looking for any help before I start
digging in tomorrow.

Rob Winchell

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