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Sun Oct 13 21:38:06 EDT 2002

Ya, referring to the stock mobile phone in the 200.  As to coming on after
being turned off, it doesn't respond at all to the power button.  IE, turn
car on, phone beeps and turns on, I turn off the phone with power button.
If out of curiositiy I decide to see if I can turn the phone back on, the
power button does nothing to effect that status of the phone (ie display on
phone doesn't light).

Also, with the above description, note that I "turned the phone off." So by
everybodies description of the phone staying in the same status when the
ignition key is turned back on as before the car was turned off the previous
time, the phone should not turn back on by it's on accord.  It does the

I am not subscribed to any wireless service, and had not previously had the
phone on...it just started coming on when the key is turned.  I plan on
trying the clean the connections solution somebody had mentioned.


>Are you referring to the stock mobile phone?  If so,
>it is normal for it to turn on with the ignition if it
>was on when the ignition was last turned off.  I leave
>mine on all the time so it intentionally turns on and
>off with the ignition.
>What do you mean by "not very excited about coming
>back on"?  If it came on with the ignition and then
>you turned it (the phone) off, when you turn it on
>next it will require your code to actually use it; I
>think it will say "LOC'D" or something like that.
>If it seems really broken, Motorola has a toll-free
>number for service, etc.  If you can't find it let me
>know and I'll look in my service records for it.
>That's where I got a key from for removing the
>transceiver from the trunk.
>Ukiah, CA
>... of late; my cell phone ... turns on automatically
>every time I turn on the car...and after I turn it off
>it's not very excited about coming back on.  ...
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