BPV Replaced

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Mon Oct 14 01:55:41 EDT 2002

At 8:40 PM -0700 10/11/02, Greg Johnson wrote:
>Thanks to all who offered advice and help.  The BPV replacement turned
>out to be fairly easy.  The good part was the no hose replacement was
>necessary (yet).  We'll have to see if the new found pressure causes
>leaks elsewhere.  The 20vTQ is definitely more frisky.  It power comes
>on more quickly and and it pulls harder.  I have 100K plus on the car
>and assume the old BPV was the original, so it was clearly time for a
>change.  You might want to consider the same thing.

Generally, it's obvious when it needs replacing- the car dies at the
end of off-ramps and such, particularly after being under boost.  It
doesn't need replacement for any other reason- the various
aftermarket valves, to be honest, haven't seen enough use to tell if
they won't fail for different reasons(but at least a bunch of them
can be cleaned up, which isn't much of a hassle.)

It is odd- people really have mixed experiences with these little
buggers.  Some people go through them like candy, others like me have
been running the replacement they bought years ago, even with a chip,
to no ill effect.  Driving style?  Luck of the draw?  Who knows.

The word for a few years now has been that the valve was updated to
deal with problems with new Audi models that used the same valve-
common problem on the S4tt, I think the TT was affected as well.

One gets the impression Bosch basically never 'got around to' fixing
the valve until they HAD to because Audi was taking a beating on
warrantee service(again, just a guess.)

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