Stuck rear calipers

Mon Oct 14 10:14:06 EDT 2002

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Yes.  I keep a bunch of them around for "spares" and they come in a plethora
of lengths, specific to caliper vs rotor offset.

WRT "unsticking" there are quite a few posts on the subject thru the main
list archives.  If the piston is stuck, undo the bleeder screw and try CCW
first, then go back in, it tends to help free the ratcheting mechanism.  IME,
if it's sticking, it will become a regular service item for  you, even with a
complete rebuild.  A new one has a shelf life of several years, but attention
must be paid to the "offending" items as well.  Get the new ebrake cables,
and make sure there are no tears in the guide pin boots.


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
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brett at writes:

did they really use different guide pins in all their
different calipers?

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