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Mon Oct 14 17:20:10 EDT 2002

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Ah, easy answers.  The *easy* answer Rod: Multipe cks of torque settings in a
performance environment - 20 bolts cked in <1minute.  FYIII, I've run this
exact setup at RA, and several other track events without incident.  Many
race cars and production cars (porsche turbos come to mind) use spacers,
including our S2 Rally car with the EXACT same spacers.  Studs?  They *can*
have the exact same problem under the right conditions.  Dragging wheels over
studs can cause problems of their own (other than the high entry fee you
admit, add:  deposited slag from draggin wheels across them, rounding of 10.9
rolled thread edge, wheel bearing replacement needed for servicing - it's
easy to identify and toss a bad bolt).  Rod, I've never reminded you or
anyone that studs are overkill, I don't consider them to be anything but
swapping one PITA for another.   WRT your engine project Rod, ANY
quantitative evaluation of your mods is welcome anytime.  Looking forward to
them.  "Feathered?"  Don't do any of this to prove anything to me.  Audi was
ready with 900+HP I5 years ago.

Others comments:  Dry clean bolts (I don't ever use A/S or oil, routinely
inspect/clean threads/hubs, all but 1 bolt was reused).  A distinct
possibility is that the heat cycles of the bolts might have lost temper (tho
I doubt that, the wheel bearings should fail as well if heat was that high -
and I swapped bolts from the back to the front).

I'm not blaming any equipment here, nor really interested in speculation, I
religiously use a torque wrench on wheel installs.  My own thinking is that
corrosion probably helps keep bolts anchored.  If you keep them routinely
clean and frequently mount and dismount wheels, they need a retorquing in a
performance environment.  I've seen it plenty of times before at track and
race events, even audisport lost a few.  This is coming up on my 25th year of
motorsports events, haven't had the "pleasure" of a completr disengagement
till now (many loose bolts/nuts, even missing 1), but many have.  CURIING the
problem requires simply awareness and a torque wrench.  I'm hoping every one
takes it in that light, it IS the easy answer by definition.

Scott J

In a message dated 10/14/2002 12:39:14 PM Central Daylight Time, S4audinut

>Or you could put those studs in you  remind me are overkill anytime I
mention it.  >I personally have no problems with these holding torque, and I
personally would >never run spacers on an aggressively driven car. The studs
require quite a bit of >R&R to install, but hey I AM OVERKILL when my life is

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