Replaced radiator with CSF all metal ( had to modify)

Martin Pot paulnet at
Mon Oct 14 21:13:22 EDT 2002

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I had trouble finding an all metal radiator that would fit the maroon '91 2=
00 TQ. Radiator. com told me they had one for a $150.00, so I ordered. When=
 it arrived (next day) it didn't have the auxiliary radiator connectors. I =
called them and told them it was not the right one. I ended up talking to s=
everal tech guys and being on hold for hours over the next couple of days. =
I had to explain to them several times in extreme detail what was missing, =
but they kept on insisting that they did send the right radiator. I am talk=
ing to them standing by the car, looking at the engine bay, explaining the =
details of the layout of all the hoses and connections, upon their request.=
 They still decided that they did send the right part, but that my car was =
somehow modified by the previous owner. I told them holding my Bentley on t=
he radiator page, that everything I described was pictured in the shop manu=
They were totally flabbergasted that they couldn't get a radiator to match,=
 but still insisted that they had send the correct radiator. They said they=
 will be glad to refund my money, if I send the radiator back, and should g=
o to the dealer to get the correct one. I like though, but the=
y are very bureaucratic in their thinking.
I ended up keeping the radiator, took the old one out and took both of them=
 to a radiator shop.
I showed them the original radiator with the new brass one and told them to=
 solder the two 1inch nipples in the right place. He didn't even make a fus=
s about it and said alright will be done tomorrow, wow!  Went to pick it up=
 the next day, wanted $50 for the beautiful job. Went home all excited, put=
 it in right away, and have made several 300 mile trips without any trouble=
 from leaks, and great cooling.
I am going to do the same thing with the wagon when it starts leaking, or m=
ay be I should go ahead and get one ready, and be ahead of the game, while =
I have a guy who is skilled at doing this.
Thanks, Martin
91' 2CTQW PRL   '86 5kTQ PRL  91' 2CTQ Maroon  All cars chipped


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