What the...?

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Mon Oct 14 22:33:18 EDT 2002

At 5:45 PM -0700 10/14/02, Rob Winchell wrote:
>So, I'm having this no start problem, possibly fuel
>related. I decide to check the fuel filter, so I want
>to relieve the pressure first. So I pull fuse 13, AND
>the fuel pump relay.
>with that? Also, it is smoking like a chimney, along
>with a REALLY strong fuel smell. What on earth is
>going on here? I am so baffled it hurts.

Here's my guess:

Check for loose vacuum lines on the ECU/FPR circuit, failing that put
a vacuum on the line off the IM that t's off to the fuel pressure
regulator and ECU.  If that's OK, check the regulator itself(easier
said than done, fuel pressure gauge required etc.)

What did the dash computer read for pressure during the idling, if
you happened to look?

I suspect the regulator is not seeing manifold pressure(or is stuck)
and thus kept fuel pressure up enough to let the car run.  I'm sure
the excess fuel left over from previous starting attempts(there would
indeed be plenty as the FPR would be regulating for partial load, not
idle) helped keep it running somewhat or contributed to the

If you do find a popped hose or similar, I would suggest idling the
engine w/accessories(A/C, headlights, defroster) for a few minutes to
burn off any residual fuel...don't go running out under heavy boost.
Don't be surprised if the car runs really rough after fixing the
problem; the oxygen sensor code means the ECU has adapted beyond its
control range for lambda- if you're overfueling, the ECU is trying to
lean out as much as it can.

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