Replaced radiator with CSF all metal ( had to modify)

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Oct 14 22:46:22 EDT 2002

At 8:13 PM -0500 10/14/02, Martin Pot wrote:

>They were totally flabbergasted that they couldn't get a radiator to
>match, but still insisted that they had send the correct radiator.
>They said they will be glad to refund my money, if I send the
>radiator back, and should go to the dealer to get the correct one. I
>like though, but they are very bureaucratic in their

No, it's just a typical customer service attitude- ie, the customer
must be an idiot because We Are Infallible.

Try and order rims+tires for our cars from Tire Rack some time.

They actually REFUSED to sell me wheels I KNEW damn well fit the car
because Greg Amy had run them on his 200q20v.  Borbet Type C, 17x8.5,
37mm offset.

Conversation went something like:

"Hi, I'd like a set of Borbet Type C's, silver paint finish, 17x8.5,
37mm offset, 5x112 bolt pattern."

"Okay sir, for what car?"

"It shouldn't matter.  I just gave you all the specs."

"What car?"

"Okay, fine. A 1991 200 Quattro 20v turbo"

"Those wheels won't fit your car."

"Yes, they will, with 2mm spacers.  I have a friend with EXACTLY the
same car, these wheels, and they fit perfectly."

"Not according to my application guide."

"Well, your application guide is wrong."

"Well SIR, there's more than just 'it fits' that goes into our
application guide.  Things like the vehicle's weight.  Wheels are
load rated, you know."

"These wheels were originally designed for Mercedes sedans which are,
if anything, heavier than my car.  Just sell me the wheels."

"I'm sorry sir, I can't do that."

Why do they do it?  My guess is that countless people decided they
didn't like wheels they got from Tire Rack, and decided to return
them with the excuse of "they didn't fit, you gave me the wrong
wheels."  Hence Tire Rack refuses to sell to you unless they KNOW,
for a FACT, that it'll fit.  They're happy to give the oddball car
owner the shaft, because they've got BMW and Honda owners calling
them 24x7 looking for 18" wheels with rubber band tires.

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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