need a 200q20V (Northwest US)

Brett Dikeman brett at
Tue Oct 15 01:31:38 EDT 2002

At 1:35 PM -0600 10/14/02, John Cassidy wrote:
>Hello list!
>I'm returning to the list after about a one year absence.
>Does anyone know of a 200q20V available for sale in the northern
>rockies, or NW regions?
>I have of course checked audifans marketplace,,
>autotrader onlineand ebay, with no success.  Any leads greatly

Weird.  As little as a year ago, the market was practically flooded
with 200q20v's.  When the S4tt and A6 2.7tt came out, you couldn't
give 200q20vs away, the paper was full of them(at least here in
Boston) and posts to the 200q20v sublist about people trading up were
very common.

If you're desperate, KAR usually has something.  Also, tuck a
'wanted' ad in the marketplace, maybe someone is looking to sell but
hasn't decided yet.

I'll crosspost to the 200q20v list, maybe someone's seen something or
is thinking of selling.

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safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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