Audi parts made in Italy. What about their quality?

Richard Tanimura Richard at
Tue Oct 15 12:57:19 EDT 2002

Brembo is Italian. They aren't too shabby.


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I have some new parts that are made in Italy, but they are pretty good
looking, but looks could be deceiving. I have 2 Italian made transverse
links and a left front control arm on my shelf but gotten wary to use them,
since I have had for a little while an Italian drivers door handle on my '86
5000 CSTQ. You talk about the German team door handle, but the Italians sure
made a sloppy pizza with this one. I have the original team door handle
product on my car now, it sure feels like some fine German engineering to me
now :>)
The basic question still is, are there any rules of thumb or clues to look
for whether an Italian product would be up to standard. For suspension parts
I am afraid that they could be made from inferior material, and I would not
be able to tell, until untimely premature failure.
Thanks, Martin.
91' 2CTQW PRL   '86 5kTQ PRL  91' 2CTQ Maroon  All cars chipped

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