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> No damage (other than ego, and enough ribbing to feed an army - Everyone got
> to see the car pitting out), but the 10.9 wheel bolts had left slag in one
> of
> the wheel hubs, no 14x1.50 taps within 30 miles (more on that), so I was
> done.  Interestingly, I ****found**** ALL 5 wheel bolts (4 perfectly
> intact,
> 1 buggered) within 20 feet of where the tire fell, so I knew this was a
> heat
> cycle phenom of some type.
> Sunday, I casually mentioned to a former student standing by that I was
> looking for a 14x1.50 tap.  "I've got that"!!!  The three stage type no
> less.
> Within 10 minutes I was back on the track.  I ran 15minutes of my 30 minute
> run, and came back in to ck the torque.  Easily 20ft/lbs down!  15minutes,
> down another 10.  Yikes!  Finally on the 4th retorque I was good for the
> rest
> of the day on the left side.
> Conclusion?  Not really sure, other than the combination of wheel aluminum,
> spacer aluminum, aluminum hat and steel hub, steel bolts and cold weather
> might have created heat cycles that backed out the bolts.  I was routinely
> pulling the right side wheel off after every run to ck pad wear, and needed
> to retorque the wheels per the above routine.  I had a race buddy that
> hated
> spacers, I'm gettin there quickly....
> Moral:  You can't recheck torque on the wheels enough at a track venue,
> race
> or marque event.  If you *don't* have a torque wrench, get one.  If you do,
> use it often.
> Humbled by the audi gods and well ribbed
> Scott J
> Newly ascribed member:  3 wheeler club
>  Founded:  Mikkola/Hertz 1983 Lombard

Or you could put those studs in you  remind me are overkill anytime I mention
it.  I personally have no problems with these holding torque, and I
personally would never run spacers on an aggressively driven car. The studs
require quite a bit of R&R to install, but hey I AM OVERKILL when my life is
BTW, the Tom S. big MAF/Porsche inj. SW is coming together well and is making
very good power to 8000rpm. Dyno and 1/4 mile time are coming up and I am not
in the least worried about the results being what I said they would be. I am
almost positive that 400whp are already on tap. A feathered dinner will soon
be yours, we will call it a raven.

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