[s-cars] RETorquing wheels

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Tue Oct 15 07:27:22 EDT 2002


In your analysis below and in your previous post you have totally ignored
the static friction between hub and wheel due to the torqued bolt clamping
forces.  Even if the hub were greased there would be no torque or weight
induced bending loads on the lug bolts because this clamping friction is
great enough to retain total control, even with loosely torqued bolts, down
to a point.

The basic problem is with the aluminum wheel material.  Unlike steel,
aluminum has no yield point, below which it is truely elastic.  Therefore it
will permanently deform until the bolt loading is sufficiently reduced
and/or the loaded area is sufficientlly increased that continued deformation
becomes negligable.  Every time the wheel is remounted, to a different
position relative to the hub and with a different bolt in each hole the
process starts all over again.

So, just keep torquing Scott!  Grease your bolts, threads and heads.  You'll
get more clamping force out of them for a given torque and thus reach
equliberium sooner.


> From: Theodore Chen <tedebearp at yahoo.com>
> studs can be better, if they are unthreaded where they connect to the
> hub and rotor.  shear loads pass through this point, and it's better
> if the loads don't pass through a threaded portion of the fastener.
> -teddy

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