Living in the Country with a 200TQW

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Tue Oct 15 12:54:03 EDT 2002

So, last night I'm on my merry way to meet my wife
Bonnie for dinner.  Nearly there, I hit the throttle
and she sticks... to the tune of doing about 6 grand
in neutral... I blipped it a couple of times and then
shut her down when the throttle was still "stuck" open.

I was at a busy intersection so I decided to fire it
up anyway and lo and behold the problem was gone. I
pulled into the restaurant parking lot and popped the
hood with a serious "What now?" attitude.

Right before my eyes I see the problem... an acorn had
rolled back across the top of the valve cover and become
lodged in such a way as to not allow the throttle back
to idle position.  Too funny. If anyone on the list has
fallen on hard times you are more than welcome to come
by my 9 acre wood and fill as many bushels as you want with
this years acorn crop.  One rule, you must also remove
2 chipmunks with every bushel or provide evidence that
you have procured enough of these cute little monsters
to make:

A. A most handsome fur coat for your significant other
B. A fine, fine chipmunk stew that will feed a family of 8

Paul Royal aka 16RoT neighbor of Curtis Clampett

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