Scavenged Heat - How Hot's Hot? How Cool's Cool? What would Goldilock's have wanted?

slp mlped at
Tue Oct 15 21:45:05 EDT 2002

As I understand it, nothings supposed to be free in life, and in the world
of turbo's that extra kick in the seat of your pants is supposed to be
courtesy of the heat energy salvaged out of what otherwise would be spent,
wasted exhaust gasses Yes/no?

So, anyone out there have any data points for what ought to be considered a
"good" EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) as measured either (a) before or (b)
after the turbo vis-à-vis boost?

I've got a dual boost/EGT gauge now plumbed into my car; and based on casual
observation seem to be seeing two (2) data points:

1.  A "steady state" cruise sort of temperature of @ 1,100 F, or @ 593.33 C
for the Francophiles amongst us like s4auidnut :-), and

2.  An (sort of) observe "max" temp/boost recorded by the gauge of @ 28+ psi
(1.9 7 at tenth or two bar, again for the Francophiles) & 1,425 F ( i.e.,
approx 773.889 C)

Any ideas if these are too high; too low, or as Goldilock's finally said,
"Just right....."


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