[s-cars] RETorquing wheels

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Wed Oct 16 09:32:33 EDT 2002

Put another way....  Wheel bolt torque spec is a Dry spec.  Adding ANY
lubricant dictates a different (increased) torque spec.  Just like spacers,
many folks have used A/S without a problem.  I personally wouldn't touch the
stuff (especially on a customer car) since any "investigation" of this
procedure in any legal sense could prove catastrophic.

Scott J
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--- Brett Dikeman <brett at cloud9.net> wrote:
> I think the "don't use anti-seize" mantra is a bunch of horse whoey.

i don't recall exactly, but i think for a dry bolt, something like 90%
of the tightening torque is solely for overcoming friction in the
threads and between the bolt head and bearing surface.  the last 10%
is clamping load.


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