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Wed Oct 16 09:48:57 EDT 2002

Hi Mike,

Yours was an unusual condition, IMO.  The pump had to be sucking air into
the supply side.  The only place for this within the pump would be the shaft
seal.  The more common supply side air leak is the supply hose or fitting to
the pump.


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>> I will report back what the ultimate fix is. Personally, I am leaning
>> towards the pump.
>> mike miller
>> helmville mt.
> Original problem was foaming the PS fluid til it overflowed the reservoir.
> Also had a "different" feel to the steering a few days before it started
> noticably foaming. The steering felt more stiff on initial input and took
> more input it seemed. Hard to describe, but after putting over 100k on a
> car, one gets to know when something is "different". Perhaps this is an
> early symptom of the pump going out.
> The fix was the PS pump. As the rack was original and had been slightly
> leaking for a while, and was missing the boots, I replaced that also as long
> as the car was down. Ready for winter.
> mike miller
> helmville mt.
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