Bad Windshield Wiper Switch - 1990 200Q

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Wed Oct 16 14:19:25 EDT 2002

At 11:53 AM 10/16/2002 -0500, Martin Pot wrote:

>I would recommend to make digital pics, for a reference, because Pat is not
>kidding when he says it will pop apart fast! Also make sure to take it apart
>in a place where you won't loose any small springs and other litttle pieces,
>like over nice size tray. I think the screw that has to be loosened on the
>bottom is an allen bolt, at least on my '91 200 but is a philips on the '86

If you have to disassemble something like this that has a potential to have
flying springs (or take off, for example, C-clips), doing the work inside a
plastic bag can save you a lot of hunting time.

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