Power Steering hoses

Joshua C smuckycat at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 16 17:46:45 EDT 2002

I was just thinking how lucky I was that I had not had to deal with the PIA
pump to rack PS hose when it seems to have sprung a leak.  I don't have the
time to take the hose off the car and have a new one made due to work (I
live in hotels 5 days a week) does anyone know who would have a reasonable
price on one?  Blau is north of 100$  is there anything reasonable?
Also while I am at it I was planning on replacing the pump to resivor hose,
is this just a matter of finding a suitable hose and clamping it on the pump
fitting and the other end of the resivor? ( there are hose clamps on both
ends of mine).
I thought I read about diesel hoses being suitable on a past post.
any advice is welcome.
(I am planning on trying the superglued washer trick)

Joshua Cummings
91 200 Avant

Falmouth MA

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