front sway bar R&R - any tricks?

Steve Crosbie scrosbie at
Thu Oct 17 00:59:10 EDT 2002

Dave C wrote:

>Is there a trick to installing the front sway bar on the type 44?  I've
>done it a few times but it always turns into a mighty struggle.  I assume
>there's a better way ... but I haven't found the right combination of
>things to adjust (weight on/off the wheels, etc) to get the ends inserted
>into the control arms without a fight.
    The last time I changed bushings on one of my 5 ktq's I left the
wheels on the ground and loosened up all of the bolts holding the sway
bar.  The bar practically fell off on the ground.  When one side is
jacked up it puts torque on the bar and it is very difficult to get the
end of the bar out (doable, but enthusiastic prying is usually needed).
 You have to be very careful to firmly chock the rear wheel(s) (both
ways) as there is nothing supporting the front wheels fore and aft when
the sway bar is removed.
Good luck,
Steve Crosbie

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