Cool site, nice pics

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They are even more expensive in Denmark
Most of my friends at the Audi club DK use weeks
of polishing and enhancing their cars; but they don't
dare to use them for drag or track.
Last 3 years at our annual metings I held pep-talks and
show my own track videos (camera mounted at the backseat covering aux. instruments for rpm and boost
and most of front vue)
This year a few have started to use their engines.

I could think of  participate at
when my Urq 83 WR engine have been done ready for race
Just now rebuilding a blown 3B (nitrox)

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>You are right. Norwegian's are not that wild
>It was the link
>coming up when you click at the yellow monster
>which mis-lead me

Cars are about twice as expensive in Norway than in Sweden, that
explains the most.. :-)

My old '86 100CSQ is worth about NOK 35000,- here, but less than
15000,- in Sweden..

E. Spangen
'86 Audi 100 2.2 CS quattro

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