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Eyvind Spangen eyvind.spangen at
Thu Oct 17 18:43:43 EDT 2002

On Thu, 17 Oct 2002 17:33:04 +0200, you wrote:

>They are even more expensive in Denmark
>Most of my friends at the Audi club DK use weeks
>of polishing and enhancing their cars; but they don't
>dare to use them for drag or track.
>Last 3 years at our annual metings I held pep-talks and
>show my own track videos (camera mounted at the backseat covering aux. instruments for rpm and boost
>and most of front vue)
>This year a few have started to use their engines.

At least my car looks like it has been in use.. :-)
I try to keep it nice-looking, but somehow, the PO parked at places
where the bumpers got dented, the doors got dented etc. and he fixed
some paint chipping on the hood with a spray can. Not very beatiful,
but being a college student, I can't afford a paint job. I'll rather
spend the money on keeping the car 100% WRT engine, drivetrain,
suspension etc.. After I installed a set of S4 sport seats, it
actually is quite nice inside.. :-)

But the outside - not great.. Maybe, if I have the money, I'll get the
hood, one front fender and one rear fender painted next spring..

I'm not afraid of driving on a track with my car, but 1450 kilos and
138 hp does not quite cut it.. But it's fun!

E. Spangen
'86 Audi 100 2.2 CS quattro

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