our tranny in a V8? Does it fit?

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Thu Oct 17 17:32:34 EDT 2002

At 2:48 PM -0400 10/17/02, Audi Sport wrote:
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>There is someone interested in the transmission I have which came off of a 200
>20 valve. He has an automatic 3.6 V8 and was wondering wether my transmission
>would fit on there. So if any of you know wether our trannies fit a 3.6 auto
>V8 for sure let me know.

The V8 list is the best place for an answer to your question. Jeff
Goggin (see OorQue's post copied below) was in the midst of such a
project some time back. i don't recall the outcome. I suggest you
contact him.


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>Subject: Re: V8 automatic block in a V8 5-speed car?
>  >  Any way I can bribe you to do the check you describe ("I also haven't
>  >  confirmed whether any work will need to be done to the block or tranny as
>  >  there are a few places where the bellhousing and block don't line up
>  >  perfectly ... I don't know if this is the same as with the
>5-speed block or
>  >  not but will check shortly. ")?
>Sure but not for another week or so ... thanks to the remodeling project at
>my house, I have had to reorganize the garage and move some of my stuff to my
>parent's house.   Although the auto block is at my house, the 5-speed engine
>is at theirs ... with some luck, though, I should be able to bring everything
>together under one roof shortly.
>  >  Oregon beer shipped your way?
>Believe it or not, but I don't drink beer ... can't stand the taste of it.
>However, I do like a dram of a nice single-malt now and then...  :^)
>  >  Jeff, you're the only person I know lucky enough to have both engines out
>  >  of the car and sitting side by side.  Best case is that Audi used a
>  >  slightly different bellhousing on the V8 5-speed 016 transmissions and I
>  >  can just bolt the auto block to the 5-speed I have using the upper sump
>  >  casting I already have.  Worse case is that it won't work at all and I'll
>  >  have to find another V8 5-speed specific engine.
>To summarize, here's what I've determined so far about the 3.6L engines: 1)
>The auto crank is already drilled for a pilot bearing; 2) With the exception
>of one bolt, the Type 016 tranny WILL bolt up to the auto block; 3)  The
>upper sump casting for the auto is different than for the 5-speed and while
>it will bolt up to the block, there're a few holes that don't line up and it
>extends downward a few inches further than it needs to ... the 5-speed
>casting is a bit shorter (different size bellhousing than the auto).
>Although there are still some details I'd like to check to satisfy my
>curiosity, they are minor and relate more to installing a 5-speed in an auto
>car than swapping a 5-speed engine for an auto one, as you're proposing ...
>so far as I can tell at this point, there's no reason why you shouldn't be
>able to swap an auto block for your 5-speed block.
>That said, if you can wait just a little longer, I should be able to confirm
>once and for all whether this swap will or will not work ... stay tuned.

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