our tranny in a V8? Does it fit?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu Oct 17 21:26:41 EDT 2002

At 03:57 PM 10/17/2002 -0400, Audi Sport wrote:

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>I'm sorry but I never siad my tranny was an auto, I said his was. He has an
>3.6 auto V8 and wanted to know wether my tranny would fit or not and of course
>the 200 20 valve has a manual. I need to know a definite answer. Perhaps from
>someone who has done this. I don't want to tell this guy that it fits if it
>doesn't so I need some accurate info if possible. Any help would of course be
>greatly appreciated.
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> >There is someone interested in the transmission I have which came off of a
> >20 valve. He has an automatic 3.6 V8 and was wondering wether my
> transmission
> >would fit on there. So if any of you know wether our trannies fit a 3.6 auto
> >V8 for sure let me know.

I don't recall what Jeff Goggin found out regarding the V8 automatic block
matching up with a V8 5-speed (he had both blocks and a V-8 5-speed tranny
available to test with), but even if the match can be made, there is a
considerable problem in the automatic V-8 footwell, which is considerably
more narrow than the 5-speed footwell (fat tranny).  So there is a lot of
body work that needs doing to fit three pedals in where two are originally.

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