our tranny in a V8? Does it fit?

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I'm pretty sure about that too. Only problem is that this guy has an automatic
on there and from what I've heard, there are some differences between the auto
and the manual blocks on the V8's. So even if a 200tranny would fit on a V8
that originally came with a manual I don't think it would fit on a V8 that was
intended to use an automatic tranny. With some modifications it might work but
I don't think it will bolt right up. This is from what I've heard but I don't
know for sure and that is why I posted about it to find out wether anyone
knows anything 100%

Dan B.
I am not sure if this is the answer that you are looking for. I do know it
is possible to convert an auto to a manual. However, it is VERY labor
intensive. As far as putting a 20V tranny into a V8, I did a very intensive
investigation when my 5 speed V8 tranny went bad. At that time I had a
brand new 20V tranny in my garage. Actually, I still have it. Although I
never mated it up to the motor, I was told by every source I talked to (all
audi people or german tranny specialists) that it would fit. They told me
the only difference is that the V8q tranny has an added oil pump on the side
of the tranny to circulate the oil to a cooler up front. The 20V does not.
Again, I have never actually bolted the 20v up to the V8 motor, but I can
tell you that they externally look identical expect for the cooler on the
side (passengers I think) of the tranny. Also, if you are thinking of retro
fitting the cooler, I don't think it would be possible without a huge amount
of machine work as the casting is slightly different in that area of the
Shayne P.
Oakland, CA.
Enough Audis to give plenty of headaches.
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> Subject: Re: our tranny in a V8? Does it fit?
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> I'm sorry but I never siad my tranny was an auto, I said his was. He has an
> 3.6 auto V8 and wanted to know wether my tranny would fit or not and of
> the 200 20 valve has a manual. I need to know a definite answer. Perhaps
> someone who has done this. I don't want to tell this guy that it fits if it
> doesn't so I need some accurate info if possible. Any help would of course
> greatly appreciated.
> Dan B.
> Dan:
> Sounds more like a 1991 200 FWD automatic with the MC2 motor.
> I don't think that there were ever any Audis sold with the 3B 20v engine and
> an automatic transmission
> There are a few automatic S4s with the AAN 20v motor but they are extremely
> rare
> -Peter
> At 02:48 PM 10/17/2002 -0400, you wrote:
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>> There is someone interested in the transmission I have which came off of a
> 200
>> 20 valve. He has an automatic 3.6 V8 and was wondering wether my
>> would fit on there. So if any of you know wether our trannies fit a 3.6
>> V8 for sure let me know.
>> Dan B.

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