Should I buy a 1991 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro? - need help!

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at
Fri Oct 18 10:57:23 EDT 2002

hi all, new to the list! i'm beginning my search for
another car and thought i'd bounce some ideas off

my research has come to the audi 200. i saw a list
member's red one and fell in love. seem like great
cars and the interior quality is exceptional. not to
mention a turbocharged multivalve engine with a 5
speed and AWD is hard to pass up for the price. hard
to find.

a 1992+ BMW M5 (6 cylinder). a friend has one, real
nice and fast, but being they are going  for 23K+ with
over 110K on the clock, they just seem so expensive.

1989-1991 mercedes benz 560SEC. love those land
yachts! they are obtainable for 12-14K for good ones.
but, that's a lot of money considering the age and the
price for repairs. but, it was 82K new, it's a fair
deal. so it's still in the running.

lastly, the smart money is on waiting until next year
and getting a 2000 A6 2.7T quattro with a 6 speed
coming off of lease. but, then i'd have to get a car
loan. the loan might put of my ability to get a house
as it increase my debt ratio in the eyes of a bank.

any insights? the one thing i've learned is that the
SHO will be my LAST american car. i've had it with the
shoddy built quality and cut rate engineering. the
only impressive part of the car is the engine...and
that was built by yamaha! japanese cars are nice as
well, but there is something to be said for the soul
of german sport sedans.

i've blabbed on enough.


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