Should I buy a 1991 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro? - need help!

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Fri Oct 18 14:36:45 EDT 2002


The '91 200q 20v is a very good car. In comparison to the
others you mention, they are quite different.

I haven't driven a MB SEC, but my impression is that they
are big, heavy cars and that they feel very big and heavy
as well. Very very nice cars, they cost over $81k in '91,
but you better be absolutely sure that the car has been
maintained to a very high standard or the cost of repairs on
this complex car will kill you. They are underpowered compared
to the '91 200q and the '91+ M5.

Having driven the E34 M5 ('91-'93 in the States, very few '94s),
I can say that the car is exceptionally good. Very strong engine,
excellent handling, very well built car. Weaknesses include the
timing chain and tensioner once you hit the 100k+ mile mark, any
major repairs to the engine of this car will cost you a lot. The
rest of the car is basically the same as any other E34, nothing
particularly expensive, although the sport seats are different,
the suspension and brakes are different, and some trim pieces are
different- rear filler piece in the license plate recess, different
air dam and color-keyed side skirts, brake cooling ducts, different
mirrors (same as E36 M3) on the '93s, etc.

It really depends on what you want. If I only needed this car for
fair weather conditions, I'd go with the M5- it's a far better drive
than the Audi or Benz. However, if I needed something that could go
year-round, I'd get the Audi (which I did). To me, the Benz is an
old man's car, and I wouldn't get one because they don't excite me,
except for the old AMG models.

If you want to go apples to apples, I'd consider the MB 500E/E500
(W124 chassis) to compare with the M5 and 200. Other thing to consider
is that the 200q20v and the M5 only come in manual transmission and
the Benz only comes in automatic transmission.

I really dislike automatic transmissions, so the Benz would be out
just for that reason alone.


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