Fun :-)

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Sat Oct 19 21:27:32 EDT 2002

Heading home this evening on the rural Montana 2 lane I live on. Speed limit
70. I'm doing 80 and here comes a car flying up my tail pipes. I let it go
around - it was a newer black Supra with a big wing. Musta been doing 100+
when he passed me. I couldn't resist giving chase. 100-110 in the twisties
and 140+ on the straights. I couldn't gain much in the corners and he
couldn't pull away on the straights. I finally backed off after about 5
miles ( hate to have my close neighbors see me at that speed :-). Speedo has
the " bounce" syndrome so no speed indication - top rpm was 5800 in 5th on
the flats - lots of 6000+ in 4th. yee haw. Snow will be flying soon.

mike miller
helmville mt
pretty much stock - just Bilsteins and 225/60/15 VR4 Touring T/A's

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