MTM chip

Andy trifox13 at
Sat Oct 19 21:22:36 EDT 2002

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Hello everyone, new to the list, just bought a 91, 200TQW and love it. The =
shop that I have bought the car from is an audi only tuner, apparently well=
 respected and is recommending an MTM chip. He says that the chip is plug a=
nd play, not soldered and does not use a stiffer wastegate spring. I have r=
ead nothing about this chip and thought that the chips were soldered into t=
he computer. The IA chip w/ the stiffer wastegate spring seems to be the fa=
vorite of this and other groups so I was wondering if anyone has any experi=
ence w/ the MTM. He will sell/install the MTM for $500 and said it makes 27=
0hp. I live in colorado if it matters. Thanx in advance.

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